Signs of Constipation
                 The Problem Explained

What are the signs of constipation

If you eat regularly, it is normal to have one or more bowel movements a day. 

Since constipation is simply the body’s inability to empty the bowel, if you are not having regular bowel movements, you may have some constipation.

I say, “some”, because there are differing degrees of constipation:

*Mild or slow transit,  *Chronic,  *Severe,  *Extreme,  *Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Symptoms of Constipation

Here are some constipation symptoms:

  • You have less than 3 stools a week

  • You have difficulty and strain to pass your stools

  • You experience red bloodbleeding or pain

  • Your stools are hard and compacted

  • It feels like there is more stool that won’t come out

  • It feels like there is a blockage that keeps you from eliminating

Constipation can result in a full feeling, nausea and even a headache or migraine.

Constipation may also cause any of the following:

Furthermore, all of the straining to eliminate can cause a hemorrhoid.  I know.  Back when I was dealing with constipation I had frequent hemorrhoids.

When I got rid of my constipation, my hemorrhoid problem vanished. So did my problem with anal fissures.

One of the signs of constipation is IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  As constipation worsens, fecal matter cakes on the walls of the colon.

When the body brings large amounts of water into the colon to try and clean it off, the result is that you pass mostly liquid.

Dangers of Constipation

Constipation can result in various health complications.

First, when you don’t eliminate regularly, the body will reabsorb toxins from the stool back into the body. The body must then find another way of eliminating these. Many times it must resort to the immune system to eliminate them.

It isn't the immune system's job to eliminate toxins. But when other methods fail, the immune system is called upon to help. While thus occupied, it isn't able to keep up with invaders into the body.

Surprisingly enough, when constipation is eliminated, simple infections like warts may just vanish on their own, usually in 2 to 4 weeks.

Chronic constipation can create numerous other problems, including,

• Mega-colon

• Colon cancer

• Candida

Hernias may develop, caused by the frequent straining to eliminate. My father-in-law developed a hernia this way. At 87 years old, surgery seemed like an extreme option.

I gave him some Ionic Sea Minerals, a mineral supplement high in Magnesium, and almost immediately his difficult bowel movements and hernia symptoms vanished.

By the way, magnesium is good for much more than constipation. 

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