A Diet for Constipation Relief

Here are ingredients for a diet for constipation relief. To help prevent bloating and gas, start slowly on the high fiber foods to give your body a chance to get used to the higher fiber levels.


Here, fiber is the key. Refined foods and foods made from white flour are pretty much devoid of fiber.

  • Brown rice in place of white rice

  • Sweet potatoes (highly nutritious, too) in place of white potatoes

  • Use whole wheat to make pizza crust, bread, pancakes, pastas, etc.  Avoid products made with white flour

  • Beans, peas and other legumes

  • Whole grain breads, preferably from freshly milled wheat

  • Oatmeal and other cereals high in fiber


Go easy on cooked meatsas too much can overload and slow down the system.


Sugar is a problem for the digestive tract. Lower the consumption of desserts and sweets to a minimum, unless they are sweetened with sweeteners such as Xylitol, Mung Fruit sweetener (liquid can be found at Walmart), Tagatoase or Stevia (also at Walmart).

I prefer liquid Stevia to the powder. It is less refined and doesn't have the bitter taste of the powder.


Include raw milk when eating diary products. It provides the enzymes needed to digest pasteurized dairy products. Without the enzymes that pasteurization kills, dairy proteins are indigestible and can cause constipation.

Fruits and vegetables

4 cups per day of fresh fruits and vegetables (not green bananas), with at least 1 cup uncooked, or dried fruit.


Cook with coconut oil or almond oil. Other oils easily oxidize and become rancid when used for cooking. Coconut oil is good to 350 degrees F., and almond oil is good to 400 degrees.

Olive oil also becomes rancid at higher temperatures, but is great uncooked for salad dressings and other uses. 


Get your probiotics, like one or more of the following each day:

  • At least 4 ounces per day of yogurt or kefir containing 5 cultures or more

  • Kombucha

  • Cultured vegetables, like sour kraut

  • A probiotic supplement

Sources of plant protein and fat

A handful of nuts a day (preferably raw), butter, and avocado. Walnuts, pecans and almonds are especially good.

Including healthy fats in one's diet can help in the secretion of bile.


As much as possible, replace other beverages with water, and drink enough to stay hydrated. Generally, it is recommended that we drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

For those who are more physically active, 10 or more glasses is appropriate.

Magnesium, the secret ingredient

You can you get things moving quickly and keep them moving with a magnesium supplement.

Since most of us don't get enough magnesium in our diets, taking a daily magnesium supplement may help in other areas, too.

Conclusion, diet for constipation

Using diet to overcome constipation is a great approach. Simply try to eat less of those foods that promote constipation and eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grain and gran products, legumes, nuts and seeds. Including a magnesium supplement may be just the thing to guarantee the results you are looking for.

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