Causes of Constipation

1. Some common causes of constipation

2. Some foods tend to CLOG up the digestive system

3. Some types of diets encourage constipation

4. You may need to see a constipation specialist

Let me visit these statements, plus we'll discuss other
things that can contribute to constipation. The links on this page are your doorway to other articles I have on the subject.

1. Some constipation causes are:

2. Some foods tend to clog up the digestive system

  • Bananas can cause constipation if eaten green (high in starch) or not eaten with enough water. They are high in fiber, but if you are dehydrated, the fiber can harden the stool and hinder elimination.

  • Chocolate may contribute to constipation. However, dark chocolates, that is, chocolates with more cocoa and less sugar and milk, may actually help to alleviate constipation. The oils in cocoa help with elimination, but the sugars and milk in lighter chocolates can gum up your colon.

  • Too much fiber can weigh down the digestive system, slowing elimination

  • Heavy consumption of dairy products can promote constipation (See constipation from milk).

  • Vitamin or mineral supplements that are high in iron or calcium can promote constipation.

  • Many medications can cause irregularity (they prefer this term for constipation)

There are other foods that promote constipation, namely those that contain indigestible fiber. More on this in coming articles.

3. Some types of diets encourage constipation

The Atkins Diet may lead to constipation under certain conditions, such as eating a lot of cheese or not consuming enough of the right varieties of allowed vegetables.

A high protein diet needs the help of vegetables for proper elimination.

4. You may need to see a constipation specialist

Many people experience constipation that comes and goes. For most people it doesn't call for a trip to the doctor.  Having said that, sometimes constipation is the result of MS, Parkinson’s disease, a stroke, diabetes, lupus or thyroid disease. If you follow the suggestions on this website for relieving constipation and nothing works, it may be time to go to the doctor.

Other Causes of Constipation

Here is an article about what causes constipation and Causes of Chronic Constipation.

Also, here is another article on what causes chronic constipation.

Also check out these articles on Chronic Idiopathic Constipation and Functional Constipation.

Irritable bowel syndrome

This is an advanced stage of constipation, where the water tries to flush out fecal matter. One answer I have found is a magnesium supplement, which helps to soften stools, and restore normal bowel function in as little as a month.

I have personally seen this work for 2 different individuals battling with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Magnesium has many other health benefits as well.

Constipation and the elderly

Many senior citizens battle with constipation. My father-in-law is a case in point. I don’t know if his hernia was produced by the straining, or that the straining just showed up an existing problem. Either way, when he takes his magnesium supplement, he no longer notices the hernia.

Celiac disease can cause diarrhea, but 20% of those with untreated celiac disease battle with constipation.

Diabetes can cause nerve damage, which in turn in result in constipation.

Conclusion, causes of constipation

As you can see, the causes of constipation.  However, numerous things can alleviate it.  I encourage you to browse through my menu, and find what works for you!

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