Magnesium for Constipation
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Magnesium for Constipation

The United States is a constipated nation. We love:

• Fast food restaurants

• Processed foods from the grocery store

• Sweets and sugary foods

In an effort to control constipation a lot of people try to increase their daily intake of fiber. This is usually helpful, but constipation can still persist.

Most of us know that the best way to overcome constipation is just to change our diet by adding in more fresh fruits and vegetables, and getting rid of junk foods. We really do need to move more in this direction. My wife and I are getting better and better at it as the years go by. However, as we work on improving our diet, there is another solution.

An answer

Constipation, simply put, is when we don’t have enough water in our stool. So the secret to controlling constipation is to find a way to incorporate more water into the stool. Yes, fiber does help to do this. However, fiber can backfire if beneficial bacteria aren't in control of the intestines. But there is another way.

The secret ingredient is magnesium

Doctors know about using magnesium for constipation, and prescribe it to clean out the colon before surgery.

Phillips Milk of Magnesia and Epson Salt are both effective remedies because they use magnesium for constipation control. However, they are not recommended for regular use.

The value of sea minerals

In 2006 I learned about the great value of foods fertilized with sea minerals. (If you have a few minutes, please check out this link. It is amazing reading!)

I started looking for ways to eat foods fertilized with sea minerals. But it seemed almost impossible to find such foods. How could I get the sea minerals into our diet?

A great sea mineral supplement

Then I learned that sea minerals are Ionic. They are readily absorbed by the body. You don’t have to get them through your food. I also learned of a concentrated, low sodium sea mineral supplement that is recommended for daily use. This made me so happy.

Immediately my wife and I started taking this supplement, and we have taken it daily ever since.

Quite a number of my friends also started taking it. Within days many of them noted an increase in energy or an increase in endurance. I have since learned that taking a magnesium supplement can have numerous health benefits, one of which may be to help lower blood sugar.

Daily magnesium, no more constipation

It seems that my whole life I struggled with constipation. But when we started taking this supplement we immediately started having daily soft bowel movements. I didn't know why the sudden relief of constipation, but boy was I happy.

It wasn't until years later that I learned why Ionic Sea Minerals was so good at getting rid of constipation. It’s because a daily dose (1 teaspoon) contains 422 mg. of magnesium. About 37% of this is Magnesium Sulfate.

Magnesium sulfate isn't well absorbed by the body. Instead, some stays in the colon and draws in water. This tends to mix with the stool.

(60% is Magnesium Chloride, which is better absorbed,
perfect for the 80% of Americans who don't get enough Mg.)

When your stool is at least 75% water, no more constipation. The stool becomes softer, smaller, and easier to pass. It can work when traveling, and even help solve hemorrhoid problems.

It has even worked when I ate way too much!

Click here to learn about using magnesium
for constipation
 relief of pets.

Finding a way to take it

Magnesium has a bitter taste. However, after just a few days you kind of get used to it. Just the same, some people take it with lemonade, juice or chocolate milk to mask the taste.

Personally, I take a little bit more than a tsp. in a full glass of water. The more you dilute it the milder the mineral taste becomes. This method has proven quite effective, as it only takes one or two hours till that lovely "urge to go" comes. By responding, it usually doesn't take more than ten seconds to finish.

My wife takes her minerals at night in a couple ounces of grape juice. Usually within an hour of getting up the next morning she has had her first bowel movement. Using magnesium for constipation seems to work like magic. Our children use it as well.

Here's a great way to take the minerals each day. Just take along  a dropper bottle , then put 6 to 12 drops into your coffee, tea or other drinks throughout the day. This dilutes the minerals enough that you hardly notice them.

Most Americans need more magnesium

It makes a lot of sense to take a magnesium rich sea mineral supplement, especially since it is reported that 80% of Americans don't get enough of it. There are numerous ways that extra magnesium might benefit your health, plus all those trace minerals in a sea mineral supplement can be quite helpful.

(See also magnesium for bones)

It doesn't cost much

The cost is definitely one of the most attractive things about Ionic Sea Minerals. An 8 oz. bottle sells for $16.95, and is enough to last 47 days. This figures out to only $10.82 per month.

A gallon size is available, which drops the monthly cost down to less than $5. Everyone can afford that much, right?

Yes, many thousands of Americans already experience the benefits of the Ionic Sea Minerals daily.

Just think. Thousands of Americans with great bowel movements. You could be one of them.

  • Can you see yourself no longer wrestling with constipation?

  • Straining is no longer needed.

  • Picture yourself having more energy, feeling healthy and strong.

  • And how about all the money you will save at less than $5 a month.

Click here to purchase an 8 ounce bottle, and get the dropper bottle for free.

Why wait? Buy some today!

Get yours now!

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