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That's me, with my lovely wife Diane. Her constipation is gone as well.

Hi, my name is Paul Schneider; welcome to our constipation website!

Did you know that sea minerals have numerous potential health benefits, including minerals that aid with constipation relief?

For many years I suffered from constipation, dealing with symptoms such as:

  • Multiple days of waiting to go
  • Painful straining to achieve relief
  • Hard, dry stools causing colon prolapse - not fun

Needless to say, these less-than pleasant experiences pushed me forward into finding a long-term solution to the pain and hopefully end constipation's vicious reign.

Now, eight years later, after tremendous research and a lot of experimenting, I no longer suffer with constipation.  No more long, miserable days of waiting, no more straining and pain. The prolapsed colon has VANISHED

My relief arrived when I came across Ionic Sea Minerals; this stuff OBLITERATED my constipation problems completely AND permanently.

In this site, me and my family share our experiences with constipation and sea minerals and also bring in medical experts who share an encyclopedia of knowledge about constipation and how the magnesium in our sea minerals can help to even reverse the problem.

We hope it helps to bring happier, healthier days to your gut as well as bring a healthier, happier certainly has for us!

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The majority of articles have been written by doctors, nurses and other medical personnel.

With 300 pages of detailed information (see right margin), you should be able to find the exact information you are looking for.  

We thank you for visiting and sincerely hope you find the relief you seek!

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