Magnesium and Constipation
My Story

By Diane Schneider, RN

Happiness is...

How would you continue this sentence? Most people would give the obvious answers. Happiness might be:

    •  Financial security

    •  The perfect home

    •  Good health

    •  A great job

    •  A good marriage

Who wouldn't want these things? Some of the above things can be achieved through hard work.

Pursuing daily soft bowel movements

Unlike other areas of our lives, the simple joy of pleasant bowel movements can be elusive.

For some people, well, many people, soft daily elimination is a pipe dream, in spite of their best efforts.

  • They read books and magazine articles

  • They seek out a doctor’s advice

  • They try various laxatives

  • They watch TV commercials and infomercials

  • They seek out dietary advise

  • They do special exercises 

  • They drink more water

Sadly, in spite of all of their efforts, some people never achieve consistent, soft, daily bowel movements.

Me with my husband Paul

A little about me

My name is Diane. At present I am 63 years old, a registered nurse, a wife (that's a picture of me with my handsome husband Paul), and mother of three.

One of our children developed an enlarged colon, and she had severe elimination problems for most of her childhood. (read my daughter Stephanie's account of it here)

Some of you who have had similar situations know how difficult this can be.

Dealing with
 my daughter's problem made the struggle with constipation a very personal thing to me.

There were also times that I had problems with elimination as well. It was not a pleasant sensation. In fact, it made me feel terrible. 

My elimination problem is gone - and so is my daughter's!

Elimination is no longer a problem for me.

I have found an incredible answer.

Now I don’t want this to sound like an infomercial, but I am so excited about what we have found that I have to share it with whomever will listen.

Good things that God provides

Our body needs the many good things which God provides for us to keep us functioning.

He has given us vitamins and minerals, nutritious vegetables, and great probiotics for our gut.

A few years ago my husband came across a sea mineral supplement.

I believe that God put sea minerals on this earth for our benefit

A rocky start

When I started taking ionic sea minerals, it was something I had to make myself do.

You see, it has a bitter taste. When I first tried taking it in a little water, I about gagged. Who wants to struggle with taking something that tastes terrible? Not me.

But I discovered that putting a cap full of minerals in a couple of ounces of grape juice made them very easy to take.

Worth the learning curve

The results of taking these minerals every night at bedtime have been so wonderful.

Every morning and sometimes twice a day I have bowel movements that are:

  • Soft
  • Easy
  • Effortless
  • Wonderfully normal

I take the magnesium and constipation is gone. With the minerals, I feel like my gut is really emptying out.

  • My stomach is flatter
  • I have lost some weight

Over time I actually took less, not more

My husband and I started taking the sea minerals in 2006.

It has been a few years since we started, and I now find that I get the same great daily relief by taking the minerals just once every 3 days.

Happiness found!

It makes me feel good when I can so easily and completely empty out my bowels each day.

Yes, for me this is happiness. I have found a great answer for a problem that many deal with.

The minerals are quite economical. An 8 ounce bottle lasts a month and a half.

Before I turn this article over to my husband Paul, let me wish you the pleasant, easy bowel movements that I have found.

By Diane Schneider, R.N.

This is now Paul speaking

Thanks, honey, for sharing.

Although valuable minerals and trace minerals.

My experience

Although I don't recommend this to others, every morning when I get up I add a little over a teaspoon to a tall glass of water, fill it with water, and drink it.

The more diluted it is the less you can taste the minerals. Usually within an hour or two I feel a gentle urge to go, and I do so. Usually it takes less than 10 seconds, and all that is left is “the paperwork”.

I take the magnesium and constipation is gone!  Our kids love it, too.

Another way to take the minerals is to carry a 1.25 oz. dropper bottle with you, and 
add some to whatever you are drinking. Many times I can’t even taste the minerals in my drink.

Most Americans don’t get enough Magnesium

Taking a sea mineral supplement high in magnesium just makes sense. You get all the health benefits of magnesium, all the benefits of the trace minerals from the ocean, plus you take magnesium and constipation may disappear.

So Inexpensive

This may be the best thing about Ionic Sea Minerals. A bottle is just $16.95, and lasts 48 days. That’s just $10.82 a month.

When you buy the economy size it is less than $5.00 a month. Why wouldn't people want to do this?

In fact, there are tens of thousands of people in the USA who take the Ionic Sea Minerals every day.

Think of it.  Most of these people probably have regular bowel movements. So could you.

  • Just picture yourself with no more constipation problems.

  • No more straining to eliminate.

  • Picture a healthier you, with more energy.

  • Picture yourself saving money – pay as little as $5.00 a month.

Don’t wait. Get a bottle today for and experience
this constipation remedy for yourself.

Get yours now!

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